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Underground Blossom
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Oct 8, 2023
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Game style

As a work of the Rusty Lake series, Underground Blossom has a very distinct Rusty Lake style, which is similar to the four-sided game scene, simple and strange painting style, and imaginative but very strange decryption. If you're a fan of Rusty Lake or decryption games, you can't miss this game.

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A mysterious mother and daughter

In the game, the player will take a train, passing through one stop after another, each stop is different, but the strange thing is that the player will meet a mother and daughter in every stop. Every time we meet this mother and daughter their image changed, the daughter goes from baby to child, the mother gets older, what's going on?

Scour every corner

Every element of the search scene is the signature gameplay of the Rusty Lake series, and players will encounter various puzzles with the answers often hidden in corners, requiring players to carefully search all the suspicious corners of the map, and sometimes even require specific items to interact with.

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Play mini-games

The inclusion of mini-games in the puzzle is also a common technique in puzzle games. Players need to solve these interesting mini-games in order to solve the puzzle and advance the game.

An amazing journey

There are six chapters in the game, each of which is a station representing a point in time, and players need to complete all of them to understand the story the game is trying to tell.

Underground Blossom ScreenShot - APKIKI.COM

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