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Dec 25, 2023
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Storyteller v1.1.19.2 Apk

Once upon a time — wait, what comes next again? Drag and drop fairy-tale characters onto the page to build surprising stories in this award-winning puzzle game.

What is Storyteller

An enchanted book of stories lays blank before you. Only the greatest storytellers can fill it with tales of romance, magic, adventure and intrigue. Assemble each interactive comic from a library of animated settings and characters that react in real time to your choices. Work your way through each genre to earn the coveted storyteller’s crown!

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Play with a cast of fantasy characters

Play with a cast of fantasy characters — kings, queens, werewolves, witches, knights and more — and watch them interact based on how you build their stories.

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Become the finest storyteller

Swap characters and settings to create classic storybook situations: kissing frogs, fighting monsters, solving mysteries and…multiple kidnappings? Use the book’s guidance to discover more than one way to tell new stories Unlock secret achievements and hidden endings. Complete the book to become the finest storyteller in the land!

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