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Mods,commands,seeds inside included 1.Add commands and seeds, click on the playmods-CODE floating window to experience it, please check how to use in the floating window for usage 2.It comes with a large number of modules such as maps, character skins, resource packs, and behavior packs. You can download and use them by clicking the PM floating window. 3.No Ads 4.No test eligibility verification required. Kind tips: 1.Please allow the game storage permission when entering the game,If the storage permission is not allowed, please enter the game, open the settings, click Storage, click File Storage Location, select External. 2.When your installation fails, please refer to the following solutions 3.Please check whether the same game already exists on the phone; if so, please uninstall it first; when uninstalling, the local archive will be cleared; after uninstalling, try to install again 4.Please check whether the phone memory is sufficient, if not, please clear the phone memory first, and try to install again
Minecraft v1.20.80.24 Mod Apk (Mods inside)

Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Swedish studio Mojang, in game you can freely explore, build and adventure in a open world made up of pixel blocks. In order to enhance your game experience, we have released a revised version of the mod, including the following:

1.No ads

2.Unlock all content

3.Includes Mod download menu, you can easily get a lot of Mod

Trying to survive in a dangerous world

The most classic mode in the game is Survival Mode, in which you will try to survive and explore the unknown and dangerous world by collecting resources, crafting and building various structures and equipment, while you can also build your own homes and forts in your own way, and making life easier by planting various crops and breeding animals.

A never-ending exploration

Minecraft has a unique set of map generation mechanisms, you will be randomly born into a randomly generated infinite map of a variety of ecological communities, from tropical rain forests to snowy Mountain, from ocean islands to marsh meadows, there are no two maps are repeated, each terrain has buildings and caves worth to explore. By some special method, you can even explore The Nether and The End (a weird land where endermen live and where you meet the game's final BOSS) With all this feature you will have a never-ending exploration.

Challenge youself with Hardcore Mode

Is Survival Mode too easy for you? Want a real challenge? Try hardcore mode, where you are completely immersed in the real experience and have only one chance to live. If you die in Hardcore mode, you "really" dead, which means your save will disappear, along with your equipment and your buildings.

Build your own world

In Minecraft, everything can be destroyed, everything can be built. You can build everything from a simple log cabin to a luxurious castle, from a simple fall trap to a beautiful pixel painting, whatever you can think of. If you think it's too hard to build while fighting with zombies in Survival Mode, there's also a Creative Mode where you have unlimited resources and you can even fly! The only limit in this mode is your imagination!

Have an great adventure with your friends

Through the in-game multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends. Imagine that you can play Man VS Wild, or exploring a bottomless cave together, or building your dream secret base together with your friends! You and your friends can join or leave the game at any time, which means you can surprise (or scare) your friends before they online.

Experience a larger multiplayer on server

Except playing with your friends, you can also join a large servers in multiplayer mode, You can enjoy from harmonious built communities, to funny minigame squares, and even battlefields where hundreds of players are fighing each other! You will experience a completely different game in a variety of interesting servers!

Bed Wars

BedWars is a Minecraft mini-game that has gained immense popularity over the years. Designed in a PvP style of battle, players spawn on different parts of a map and must destroy the beds of enemies to win. Players can re-spawn an infinite number of times until their bed is destroyed, which also means that protecting your own bed is of the highest priority.


SkyWars is a pretty straightforward mini-game where players spawn on an individual island of their own, which is suspended high in the sky. The primary objective is to survive using the little of resources you have on your island, while also making sure that you don’t fall off to your Death while mining your way deeper into a tunnel. SkyWars is also a PvP battle, and players must bridge their way across to other islands and kill all players.


If you’re the kind of gamer who enjoys a good laughing session while playing Fall Guys, then Minecraft’s Parkour mini-games are for you. Parkour is a mini-game that is designed like a course that every player must cross. You must jump around, from platform to platform, and survive everything that the course throws at you. However, it can be pretty challenging and can often result in a hilarious death for you. The best part of the mini-game is that it can be played both in single-player and multiplayer modes.


Spleef is yet another crazy Minecraft mini-game that is pretty addictive. Players spawn on a map on which the primary objective is to survive till the end, while also defeating other players by destroying the blocks underneath them and having them fall into lava and die. Usually, a Spleef map is built with snow blocks, which are easier to break. The creator of the game might keep the map only one block thick for a quick match or add layers to make the game longer and more enjoyable.

Death Run

Death Run is a mini-game that requires players to finish the game of Minecraft as quickly as possible, while also avoiding the various death traps spawned across the map. While the Runners try to survive and win, there is another group of players, called Death. It is the job of the Deaths to prevent the Runners from finishing the game and activating several traps across the map to plot the demise of all the Runners. A unique mini-game to try, Death Run adds a certain unpredictable fun to Minecraft.

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