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The Past Within
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Aug 21, 2023
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Rusty Lake
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The Past Within v7.7.0.0 Mod Apk (Paid)

order to enhance The gaming experience for players, we have released a modified version of The Past Within module, including:

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A unique game for two-players

What made The Past Within a puzzle game unique was its two-player design. There is no need for any network connection between the two players, only verbal communication is required. You can communicate with your friends face to face, or through messaging apps, and the only mandatory requirement is that each of you have the game installed on one device and the two players can communicate with each other.

Keep in touch

The main gameplay of the game is that two players play two different parts of the game, the content of the two parts is related to each other, and the decryption of the riddle of one party may be available in the game of the other party. Players need to communicate with each other and describe to each other what they see, which is very important to solve the puzzles in the game, so keep in touch.

Get to know the story from two different perspectives

The story of the game is divided into two parts, the past and the future, the two players need to choose one of the two, can not be repeated. In the story, the past and the future interact with each other, and the two players help each other during the game. It is recommended that players exchange selected characters after completing the game to play again, so as to understand the full story of the game.

Manipulate the past

In the game, one player will manipulate the past, specifically, the past Rose, the game's main character, who builds a machine that allows her past self to communicate with her future self, and they will work together to complete a plan that will span 58 years.

Manipulate the future

The other player manipulates the Rose of the future and collaborates with the Rose of the past, using a blocky machine to interact with the past. And what they wanted to accomplish, that project that spanned 58 years was to bring back Albert, Rose's father. The future Rose needs to help the past Rose obtain Albert's bones (teeth), flesh (left ear), and blood (nosebleeds) and use these to revive him.

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