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Shoujo City 3D
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Mar 27, 2024
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Shoujo City
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1. Unlimited money 2. Improve stamina 3. Unlock the full content
Shoujo City 3D v1.11 Mod Apk (Mod menu)

Shoujo City3D is a 3D anime style simulation game. It is a game that combed a girl visual novel game with a sandbox adventure. In order to enhance the game experience of players, we have launched a revised menu version of the Shoujo City 3D module, including:

1. Unlimited money

2. Improve stamina

3. Unlock the full content

In Shoujo City 3D, you will play as a cute girl, make friends with 7 other girls of different styles but equally cute, experience the beautiful friendship between girls and interesting campus life, while exploring various scenes and secrets in the vast sandbox world!

Create your Shoujo

At the beginning of the game, you can create your own girl, you can customize her height, appearance, as well as hair and hair color, the initial costume is only one set, but as the game progresses and you explore, you can unlock or buy more costumes.

A survey? !

When your girl is finished, you will enter the game, and you will start on a moving subway train with a book on the seat next to you. The content of the book is a survey, which you can complete based on your first reaction, and your choices will affect the various skills of the characters in the game, such as cooking, sports, art, etc. Skills affect how you interact with the world and other girls.

Start interacting with cute girls!

When you have completed the investigation, you will be teleported to your home. At home, you can cook, sleep, or add other furniture to your home to add other functions. After leaving home, you can visit various parts of the city, including schools, shrines, aquariums, Akihabara, etc. In these places, you will meet all kinds of cute girls, try to make friends with them!

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