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Scary Teacher 3D
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Feb 19, 2024
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1.Unlimited coin 2.Unlimited star 3.Unlimited energy 4.Unlock all level 5.No ads 6.move speed up
Scary Teacher 3D v7.1 Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

Scary Teacher 3D is a fun game to play tricks on teachers. In the game you will use various ways to play tricks on your teacher. In order to improve the playing experience of players, we have launched the revised menu version of the Horror Teacher module, which has modified the following contents:

1.Unlimited coin

2.Unlimited star

3.Unlimited energy

4.Unlock all level

5.No ads

6.move speed up

The story of the scary teacher

Miss T was a teacher who was hated by the whole class, who would physically punish her students and torture them. The protagonist, played by the player, happens to live next to Miss T and decides to use various means to play a prank on Teacher T to get revenge on her, and the story of the game begins.

Sneak in carefully

When the game starts, the player will be at Miss T's door, the first thing the player has to do, is to sneak into the teacher T's house under the premise of no one is aware, you may need to pry open the door lock and flip in from the window, but in any case, do not make any sound, otherwise you are likely to be found by Miss T!

Plan the prank

In order for the prank to work, you must pay attention to Miss T's life, the routes she travels, and the objects she interacts with. The top left corner of the screen will give you a live picture of Miss T, you need to watch carefully, and make a plan based on this.

Carry out your plan and escape

After figuring out how to pull off the prank, now comes the most difficult step, you have to sneak into Miss T's usual place, place the clam prank, and then get out of here before Miss T finds out.

Enjoy your prank

After completely escaping Miss T's house, the next thing we have to do is quietly wait for the success of the prank, when the prank is successful, the game will give Miss T close-up, so that you can enjoy your work.

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