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Hybrid Animals
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Jan 24, 2024
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Abstract Software Inc.
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1. Unlimited gold coins 2. Unlimited genes 3. Add skill points 4. No ads 5. Quick upgrade 4. Add 10 skill points 5. No more ads
Hybrid Animals v200596 Mod Apk (Mod menu)

Hybrid Animals is a fun third-person, top-down RPG game in which players use two creatures to merge into a new species and use the new species to level up in battle in the game world. To enhance players' gaming experience, we've released a modified version of the Hybrid Animals module, which includes:

1. Unlimited gold coins

2. Unlimited genes

3. Add skill points

4. No ads

5. Quick upgrade

Game play

The gameplay of Hybrid Animals is very interesting, players will use two different animals as the mother and father to breed new animals, and then fight against other hybrid animals in the vast game world to level up, unlock new skills and constantly get stronger, and eventually become the strongest hybrid animal in the whole world.

Choose your hybrid animal's parents

Like in other RPGS, you first have to create your character, but unlike in other games, in Hybrid Animals you don't have to choose the appearance of the character, and the skill attributes, you just have to choose the parents of the character. The more bizarre combinations you can choose, the better, there are no limits here, it's all up to your imagination.

Meet your hybrid animal

After making your selection, the next step is to meet your character, no matter what kind of character it may be. A spider with a pig's head? A snake that walks on two feet? Or a chicken with a turtle shell on its back? Each hybrid animal has unique skills, usually inherited from their father or mother. If you are not satisfied with the resulting animal, you can always try again.

Adventure in the vast world

After completing the creation of your character, you can begin your adventure in the vast world. In the game world, you will encounter other creatures created by fusion like you, and you need to find ways to defeat them in order to gain XP and money. In the game you will also meet various merchants, you can buy and sell with them, in exchange for a variety of useful items.

Upgrade your character

After you earn enough XP, your character will level up and gain skill points. You can spend your skill points on eight items, each of which improves some aspect of your character, and you need to choose based on your character's characteristics and your fighting style.

Unlocking gene

When you have six skill points for a skill, you unlock a gene, which enhances or unlocks new feature skills to make your character more powerful.

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