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Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy
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Aug 23, 2023
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1.No ads 2.Get rewards without seeing ads Note: All rewards in the game depend on watching ads, now you can click the Watch AD button repeatedly to get unlimited rewards
Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy v1.3 Mod Apk (No Ads)

Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy is an interesting third person action game, you will become a baby, while escaping the control of the family, while collecting what you want, in order to improve the game experience of players, we have launched a modified version of Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy for all players.

Simple and fun gameplay

The gameplay of Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy is very simple, the player will play as a baby with 9 other players, looking for target items in the home, and collect all target items before the end of the countdown to win. However, at the same time, your family will patrol around the house and will catch the you, if you are caught, you will be eliminated, and when all players are caught, the game is over.

Running away from your family

As a baby, you're supposed to stay in the stroller, right? This is what your family thinks, so when you are looking around the house for the object, your family will try to stop you. You can dodge them by maneuvers, or you can disguise yourself by hiding away from them in a box or toy car until they are far away.

A variety of maps to choose from

There are many maps to choose from, from your own home, to the supermarket, to the kindergarten, each map has its own unique gameplay and unique enemies, in addition to your family, you will also encounter teachers, police, shop assistants, each enemy has its own characteristics, you need to be careful to deal with.

Dress up your baby

There are a variety of hats in the game can give your baby dress up, from children's hats to wizard hats, from captain hats to crown, each kind of hat on the baby is very cute, and you can also change the box used to camouflage, so that your baby can be disguised as a toy car, a teddy bear and so on.

Rainbow Survivor: Find Daddy v1.3 Mod Apk (No Ads) Download
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