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Grow Pixelmon Masters
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Sep 4, 2023
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PixelStar Games
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Mod Menu 1.Damage Multiplier 2.Unlimited Gold* 3.Unlimited Diamonds* 4.Unlimited Mileage* *increase when you spent (set as default)
Grow Pixelmon Masters v1.0.9 Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

In Grow Pixelmon Masters, you can catch, collect and grow, explore different habitats to tame monsters!Collect various equipment and items to become a taming master!

Taming and growing more powerful Pixelmons

In the game, players can encounter various Pixelmons throughout the game. Each of the different Pixelmons has different attributes, some are weak, some are powerful, you can collect different Pixelmons, and you can cultivate them.

Collect various trainer skins

In addition to your Pixelmons, the trainer is an important part of the game. The player will travel as a trainer, and you can purchase a variety of skins to dress up your trainer.

Explore habitats and tame monsters

Just like real creatures, Pixelmons have their own habitat, you have to travel to certain areas to encounter certain Pixelmons, you can defeat them, and then tame them.

Explore the game world

Conquer dungeons (Golem, Nazarick) and collect trainer equipment. Prove your strength in the Infinite Tower! And various quests.

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