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The Baby In Yellow
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Feb 19, 2024
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Baby in Yellow is a first-person horror game in which the player takes care of a weird baby and encounters all sorts of strange things.

The story of the baby in Yellow

At the beginning of the game, in front of your eyes, is the baby dressed in yellow, sitting quietly at the table, with huge and strange eyes staring at you, you do not even know who you are, the only thing you know is that you have to take care of this child. Everything was normal at first, feeding him, changing his diapers. The only thing unusual is that when you turn around to change his diaper, the baby who was lying quietly on the table suddenly appears outside in the living room. Maybe I'm too tired, you think, you helped him diaper, cuddle into bed. When the baby falls asleep, you sit on the sofa tired and gradually sink into sleep...

Delicate and bizarre images

The Baby In Yellow as a horror game, has a delicate but strange screen and role setting, most of the scenes of the game are in the room, only the player and the baby in yellow. the yellow color in scenes has a warm and strange feeling, just like the story of the baby in yellow. The seemingly normal baby will gradually show a strange appearance with the care of the player. At the same time, the dim lighting and scary music in the game also create a scary atmosphere.

A strange baby

The only character in the game, the baby in yellow, is full of mysteries, whether it is when the player feeds him, or changes his diaper, his big eyes will be strange to stare at the player. What's even stranger is that the baby in Yellow seems to have magic, and he will suddenly appear in another place when the player is not looking. Not to mention why he wears yellow all the time. The mystery of the baby in yellow can only be solved step by step in the game.

A long and thrilling story

The Baby In Yellow is a horror game with a very long process, there are 3 chapters, a total of 8 parts, each part has a unique scene, and wonderful plot waiting for the player to experience.

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