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Garten of Banban
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Aug 15, 2023
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Euphoric Brothers Games
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1. The character speed is accelerated 2. Jump very high 3. No ads 4. Unlock all
Garten of Banban v1.0 Mod Apk (No ads)

Garten of Banban is a first-person horror game, very scary, in order to improve your game experience, we provide you with a class kindergarten Mod menu version, which includes the following modifications:

1. The character speed is accelerated

2. Jump very high

3.No ads

4.Unlock all

n Garten of Banban, you will play the role of a parent who comes to the kindergarten to find a missing child, and fight against the evil characters in the kindergarten while finding a way out in the kindergarten. The game supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, Polish, Turkish, Indonesian, French, Italian.

The story of Garten of Banban

The series of games takes place in a strange kindergarten, due to the sudden disappearance of all the children in the park, the kindergarten is forced to close, you will play one of parents who's kid is missing, because no one to help him find his missing child, so he decides to set out to the kindergarten to find his child and other missing children. But as he goes deeper into the kindergarten, he discovers its darkest secret...

Experience pure horror

Garten of Banban is not a traditional first-person shooter, you can't shoot any enemies in the game, you won't get any weapons in the game, the only thing you can do is run away from these monsters, find a key card to unlock the door, find a way to destroy the barricades in the way, or use the drone to remove things you can't get in person. Of course, you will face those terrible monsters during the play, and you can only choose to run or hide, which is a very test of your courage, as well as your response ability and route memory ability.

Use drones

Compared with the same type of horror games, the biggest feature of the class kindergarten is the introduction of the drone this tool, in the game you can use the drone to reach you can't reach, to get some key props, but please note that the drone needs two batteries to start, so be sure to carefully search the battery in the map!

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