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Negamon: Monster Trainer
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Oct 5, 2023
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Being awakened on the strange Pocket island, you meet a cute monster and follow its guide to become a monster trainer. By the time you gradually become a skillful master, you have discovered that this wonderful land with a group of Pocket islands is called "Negamon World".

World of Negamon

The Negamon world has three main elements: plant, fire, and water. These elements create many cute monsters which excite trainers to go there, catch monsters, become a legend and so do you. Some monsters are playful and help trainers to gain more rewards. Some monsters are stubborn but stronger and eager to fight. Catching all these cute monsters into the balls and keeping them in your pocket will help you to shorten the path to be a master of the Negamon world.

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A relax game

This game contains a huge load of cute monsters and can help players to relax in these pocket islands. Your missions are super easy: go around to find monsters, chase them and catch them into your ball. You can also meet other players and challenge their monsters. By going into cute battles, you may have chances to collect more rewards in your pocket and become the best trainer.

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HOW TO PLAY Negamon: Monster Trainer

Touch and drag to move your character. Pick a monster to fight and catch new elements. Collect food to feed and upgrade monsters. Run, Jump, and Chase to complete your collection of monsters. Create the best team to challenge other players and gain rewards.

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FEATURES OF Negamon: Monster Trainer

Free to play and Easy to play and control. Funny 3D graphic design. Amazing and mystery missions with fun and addictive gameplay.

Negamon: Monster Trainer

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