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Mini World
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Jan 27, 2024
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1.Unlock all the items in creation mode and play mode 2.Get a large number of items
Mini World v1.6.2 Apk (official)

Mini World is a free Minecraft sandbox game, in which players can freely build and adventure in the world of blocks. In order to enhance the player's playing experience, we hereby offer a modified menu version of the Mini World module, including the following:

1.Unlock all the items in creation mode and play mode

2.Get a large number of items

Two game modes

In the mini-world, players have two modes to choose from, namely survival mode and Creation mode. These two modes should be familiar to Minecraft players. In Survival mode, you can collect resources, synthesize equipment, build various structures, and venture and explore in a world full of unknown and dangerous things. In Creation mode, you will have unlimited resources and a large flat world that you can build and destroy at will.

Survival mode

In Mini World Survival mode, you will wake up in a strange world and begin to explore and adventure. Unlike in Minecraft, players are given an initial set of equipment at birth, including an axe, a torch, food, and a set of leather equipment. Another feature of the mini-world is the large number of abandoned buildings on the map, which can be inhabited by the player in the early stages of the game.

Creation mode

In the mini-world creation mode, you will have a super-flat continent, like a clean artboard, on which you can freely build with an unlimited number of blocks. Everything from a simple log cabin to a huge castle can be built, there are no limits, and you can even fly freely to help you build faster.

A newbie friendly gaming experience

The mini world is very friendly to beginners, making items only need enough material to build. At the same time, the game has a series of detailed objectives to guide the player to learn various mechanics in the game, so that the player can learn various skills needed to survive step by step.

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