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City Smash 2
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Feb 23, 2024
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Skill No CD
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Paradyme Games
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1. No ads 2. Unlock all content 3. No CD for all skills
City Smash 2 v1.1.3 Mod Apk (Skill No CD)

City Smash 2 is a fun sandbox game in which the player becomes God, using various weapons and ways to inflict heavenly punishment on the city where the map is located. The game has no goal, the player just needs to destroy. In order to enhance the gaming experience for players, we have released a modified version of the City Smash 2 module, including:

1. No ads

2. Unlock all content

3. No CD for all skills

Bring heavenly punishment to the city

See this beautiful city in the game? There are clean and tidy streets, tall buildings, all kinds of vehicles running in the city, and a park in the center. But this beautiful city is going to be in ruins, because we have come to bring punishment to this city. The goal of the game is to destroy the city in various ways.

Using a large and dangerous Arsenal

In the game, players can use a large and dangerous Arsenal to destroy the city, a total of 12 different functional weapons can be operated. From directly operated tanks, helicopter gunships, gunboats to flying saucers, to natural and technological forces of mass destruction, and even nuclear bombs can be used at will.

Driving tanks through the city to wreak havoc

Players can choose to drive tanks around the city to wreak havoc. Yes, players can drive the famous Tiger tanks of World War II through the streets to wreak havoc, and players can use the 88mm main gun to destroy houses on the side of the road, or machine-gun fleeing vehicles. Or use the heavy, solid body of the tank itself to crash and crush everything in its path.

Operating gunboats to bring fire rain

If you think driving a Tiger tank is too old and inefficient, then you can try operating a gunboat and experience the thrill of death from heaven. You can switch from the normal camera to thermal mode, which will give you a clearer view of the vehicles on the road, and use the 105mm cannon to rain fire on the ground, bombing the entire city at will.

Use the power of nature

If you feel that you have to use the forces of nature to destroy the city is a punishment, then you can choose to use earthquakes, meteorites and tornadoes, so that humans feel the wrath and power of nature!

Use the power of technology

In the game, players can also use a variety of high-tech weapons, such as lasers, magnets and black holes, which can deal less damage, but each has its own characteristics.

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