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Mar 12, 2024
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BOKU BOKU v1.0.260 Mod Apk (Unlimited currency)

BOKU BOKU is a free horizontal version of pixel sandbox game, in the game players are the true creator, can destroy at will, build a world of their own. To enhance the player experience, we have launched the BOKU BOKU Module Menu Edition, which includes:

1.Unlimited candy

2.Contains the module menu, a large number of modules waiting for you to play (please use after completing the tutorial)

In the world of BOKU BOKU, the player is such a god. You can fly, you can destroy at will, you can build easily, you can even copy and paste in the world, copy one place to another. BOKU BOKU is arguably the most free sandbox building game.

Customize your image

In the game you can customize your image at will, the game contains a large number of options. You can choose your expression, your hair, your hat, your clothes and your figure. Feel free to create a character of your own. You can be a soldier, a doctor, or even a plumber in a red hat and blue overalls.

Free to explore the wide world

In the game you will explore a randomly generated world. Each world is new, and you are free to explore, destroy, and build. Your actions are all done immediately, you can level a piece of land very quickly, you can build a mountain very quickly.

Give full play to your creativity

The game has a variety of blocks and objects that the player can build. You can arrange them however you want, the only limit here is your imagination. You can use blocks to build all kinds of buildings, or make a pixel painting, and nothing in the game limits you from doing so.

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