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Sep 20, 2023
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Mirrox Mod v8.0 Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

Mirrox Mod is a sandbox game adapted from the PC game Garry's Mod, in which players will be able to place various items, vehicles, and even NPCS at will.

Experience a variety of classic maps

In Mirrox Mod, players will experience some of the famous maps from Garry's Mod community, such as the most classic gm_constuct, the popular Dust 2 map, and gm_flatgrass. It is basically the same as the map in Garry's Mod.

Basically the same gameplay as the original game

The operation of Mirrox Mod and Garry's Mod is basically the same, the player mainly plays the game from the perspective of the first person, the player can freely move in the game map, as well as the classic flight and through the wall. There's also the signature physics gun and the freezing function.

Place things

In Mirrox Mod, players can place a variety of items at will, from simple furniture tables, chairs and sofas to large train locomotives, car wrecks and other items, while there is a complete physical effect between items, you can stack, collide, and even destroy!

Meet a Half-Life classic NPC

In Mirrox Mod, players can also place various NPCS from Half-Life 2, such as zombies and National Guardsmen. They have an entire AI system that will attack you. Of course, you can pull out your weapon and kill them.

Use all kinds of firearms

In the game, players can also see the classic weapons in the Half-life series, from pistols, to revolvers, as well as crowbars, gravity guns and more. You can use those NPCS as good targets to practice your shooting skills.

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