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Mar 19, 2024
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Added the most complete achievement unlock walkthrough, click on the playmods floating window-achievements to view The latest version has a built-in classic melon man mod, which is located under the heart icon on the leftmost side of the various module interfaces in the upper left corner of the main interface. Click + under USER MODS to add it. Melon Playground : Mods inside 1. No Ads, comes with hundreds of mods for you to play, click on the playmods floating window to download and experience it. Kind tips: 1.After downloading the mod, please load the mod once in the game and then enter the map to use the mod. If it does not take effect, please restart the game. 2.After downloading different modules, each module may be placed in different categories in the menu bar on the left side of the map, please pay attention to find it. 3.Due to the problem of the game itself, using too many mods to load may cause black screen and freeze problems, which can be solved by clearing the mod function and restarting the game.
Melon Playground v22.0 Mod Apk (Mods inside)

Melon Sandbox Playground is a fun simulation game in which you can test Melons on your body using various weapons and items. To enhance players' experience, we've released a modified version of the Melon Sandbox Playground, which includes:

1.All unlock

2.Includes the Mod menu where you can download tons of mods

Melon Playground is a simple but interesting ragdoll physics sandbox simulation game. In the game, there is nothing but a variety of weapons and props, a physical system will let Newton satisfied, as well as unlimited melon man model, and your unlimited creativity! All you have to do is use your imagination to destroy these mannequins in various ways!

A Wide Variety of Weapons and Props

In the Melon Playground, you can use a variety of weapons to test your melon man, you can cut them in half with a knife, see how many bullets they can withstand, or you can watch them get blown up with explosives. Melon Playground provides hundreds of weapons, props, from cold weapons, firearms, explosives, and then to potions, props, furniture, absolutely can satisfy your imagination and curiosity!

A Physical System Will Let Newton Satisfied

Want to know how much damage can be done by a sword falling from the sky? You want to know what it's like to be hit by a jeep at full speed? You can do all of this by the physical system which let Newton satisfied! All objects in the game have physical collisions with each other, which allows you to implement your ideas in unexpected ways, such as throwing daggers into the sky and having them fall into your target due to gravity, or simply spawn one in the air and sending it into free fall.

Realistic Melon Men in Unlimited Number 

It doesn't matter how many weapons there are if the playground doesn't have good targets. The game's sandbag——Melon man has a complete skeleton that mimics the bones of a real human. And there's no limit to the number of Melon men in the game, which means you can either replace damaged one in an endless stream, or put in as many as you want at once, as long as your device holds up!

Use Your Unlimited Creativity

In the Melon playground, there is no goals or missions to limit you, all you have to do is use your imagination and creativity, you can create a variety of scenes, such as gang battles, wars, car accidents, air strike, you can do whatever you want to do. The game also has equipment system to equip your melon man with all kinds of protective measures. After all, how can you fight a war without armor? From medieval armor to modern bulletproof vests, each piece of equipment has a practical effect that will allow your Melon man to last longer through all kinds of damage.

Make Your Melon Playground Has More Possibility

As a game with infinitely free, Melon Playground certainly has a variety of interesting mods. Get rid of your boring melon man! Now you can bring your favorite anime and game characters into Melon Playground. Are you a JOJO fan? Now you can recreate JOJO and DIO's epic battle in the Melon Playground now!

Melon Playground v22.0 Mod Apk (Mods inside) Download
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