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Hello Neighbor
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Dec 4, 2023
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1.Play the game for free 2.All game content is unlocked 3.No ads
Hello Neighbor v2.3.8 Mod Apk (Unlocked all)

Hello Neighbor is a first-person horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house. In the game, the player will try to find out the secret that his neighbor is hiding in his basement. In order to improve players' gaming experience, we have released a modified version of the Hello Neighbor module, including:

1.Play the game for free

2.All game content is unlocked

3.No ads

A strange neighbor

In Hello Neighbor you play as a new resident who has moved to a small town. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary in the town, except why did the neighbor across the street, Peterson, why he always lock the basement door? What the hell is he doing sneaking around in there? Driven by curiosity, you decide to sneak into your neighbor's house to find out his secret.

Break into a neighbor's house

In the game, you will try to infiltrate your neighbor's home and open the basement door to find out what is inside. But it was no easy task, and the neighbor's home was as strange as his behavior. You can't open the basement door directly, there are various locks on it, and you need to explore his home to find a way to open it. But your neighbor is also at home, and you need to be careful not to let him find you!

Repeated attempts

When you are found in the neighbor's house, it does not mean that the game is over, your neighbor will just be angry and throw you out of the house, you can continue to try, but the game's neighbor uses a very complex AI system, he will make different strategies based on your behavior, choices, actions, if the player frequently enters the room through the front door, Then the next move the front door may be locked, in addition, the neighbor may have set a trap in the house, watch your step!

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