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Happy Game
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Aug 23, 2023
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Amanita Design
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Happy Game v1.8.7 Mod Apk (unlock full version)

Happy game is a horizontal version of the third person horror puzzle game, with exquisite horror graphics and interesting puzzles, in order to improve the game experience of players, we have launched a revised version of the Happy game module.

In Happy game, you will play as a cute little boy, you will experience the strange scene in his dream, and try to solve the mystery in the dream, escape from his nightmare, and return to reality.

Strange dream world

The game as a whole adopts a unique hand-painted style, which is in line with the main content that the game is a child's dream. The dark painting style and dark tones enhance the sense of terror in the game. Even some scenes with very bright colors always reveal a terrible sense of weirdness, giving people a kind of fear but can not help but play the impulse.

Use your intuition

In the game you will be faced with a variety of strange puzzles, some of them have no apparent logic, but you just trust your intuition and use the operation you can solve the puzzles. The operation of the game is very intuitive, holding down one side of the screen the protagonist will move to that side, and the puzzles in the game are also carried out by dragging and clicking, which is very simple and intuitive.

Face your demons

In the game, players will encounter a variety of children's nightmares, from twisted and scary toys to weird smiling faces, all of which are encountered by children in reality, but distorted by dreams. The player must face these fears and move forward in order to escape this nightmare.

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