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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas(GTA)
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Aug 15, 2023
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Rockstar Games
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mod inside Provide a large number of mods, car skins, character skins, texture packs, etc. for you to play, click the playmods floating window to download and experience. Tips On June 2, the problem that the game crashed after the activation of the mod was too large was fixed. Users who downloaded before please uninstall the old game and download and install it again
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas(GTA) v2.00 Mod Apk (Mod Inside)

GTA Grand Theft Auto SAN Andreas is a classic third person shooter game, in order to enhance the player's gaming experience, this version includes a built-in menu module, including the following features:

1. Provide a large number of modules, as well as a large number of car skin, character skin, material packs, click the in-game suspension window to download the experience.

2. Be invincible

3. Unlimited money

4. Unlimited ammo 

5. Alarm busters

The famous GTA Grand Theft Auto SAN Andreas is now available on mobile! Do you remember when 2004, when the game was released and you were sitting in front of your computer and ready to play? Now you can play it on your phone! Play CJ in the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto SAN Andreas and experience street racing, shooting, gang life. What are you waiting for? Download it now!

Fulfilling Your Desire of Being a Gangster

Go on a rampage in a fancy car, fight corrupt cops with an AK47, and defeat rival gangs with your own gang. Grand Theft Auto is a game that will definitely fulfill your desire to be a gangster. In the game you can join gangs, commit various crimes, fight against rival gangs, escape from corrupt police, experience the real life of a rogue, the impossible life in reality!

Drive a Wide Range of Vehicles

How could a game called Grand Theft Auto will without "auto"? In Grand Theft Auto SAN Andreas, you can drive a huge variety of vehicles, from a simple bicycles, to cool sports cars, from powerful motorcycles to super fast racing cars, and other vehicles, taxis, ambulances, police cars, and even fire trucks with water cannons! If you think driving on the ground is still too slow, then you can go to the airport to fl,y helicopters, planes, and fighter jets!

Use All Kinds of Firearms and Melee Weapons

You can't live on the streets of SAN Andreas without a gun. In the game you can get a variety of weapons, pistols, submachine guns, AK47s, RPG, and you can even get Minigun in special locations! Or if you want to feel the joy of melee fighting, then you can defeat the enemy with your bare hands or use dagger, baseball bat and samurai sword!

A Real World

Grand Theft Auto SAN Andreas has a real world. In game, the NPC will react to everything you did. When you're fighting in the street, passers-by will try to run away. When you driving in rampages, drivers of other cars will try to dodge, or become road rage and try to engage you in bumper cars! And CJ, the main character you control, will also changes depends on your actions. You can change his clothes, cut his hair, and grow a beard. And that's just the basics! If you make him work out, he will be physical strong, if you feed him too much, he will get fat!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas(GTA) v2.00 Mod Apk (Mod Inside) Download
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