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Apr 4, 2024
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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
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1. One hit kill 2. God Mode 3. Complete all challenges 4. Instant win
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS v5.1.0 Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is a third person action game, in the game, players will play the classic characters of the DRAGON BALL series, experience the wonderful battle exactly the same as the anime, in order to improve the game experience of players, we have launched a revised version of DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, including:

1. One hit kill

2. God Mode

3. Complete all challenges

4. Instant win

In DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, players will fight side by side with the series' classic characters, experience the super Saiyan's super combat power with the simplest gameplay operations, while immersing themselves in an epic story and experiencing super smooth gameplay graphics that are no different from anime.

Experience a battle between Super Saiyans

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS has the most restorative Super Saiyan battle mode, in the game, players will control the Super Saiyan to use a variety of moves from the original, each combination of moves can also form different combos, to deal more damage to the enemy. In addition, when attacked by the enemy, the player can avoid the enemy's attack by dodging, and even switch roles to restore the behavior of comrades in the original.

Adopt multiple strategies

In the game, various attack methods and enemies have unique attributes, and there is a mutual restraint relationship between different attributes, which will cause different damage. When the player fights, in addition to considering the combination of different moves, he must also pay attention to the restraint relationship.

Experience epic story

Various plots are added before and after each battle in the game, making the already very impactful battle more epic, accompanied by the original dubbing. It makes people feel like they are in the world of dragon ball.

Participate in various activities in the game

In addition to the general battle and story, there are various events and activities, players can also search for dragon balls, and even PVP, and your friends have an epic battle!

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