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WhatsApp Messenger
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Apr 2, 2024
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WhatsApp Messenger
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What's new • You can now instantly record and send video messages in chats. To get started, tap on the microphone icon in chats to switch to video. • Screen sharing is now supported in video calls. Start a video call and tap on the new “screen share” button to get started. • Added message editing support for media with captions. • Updated UI with Material 3 Menus and Switches.
WhatsApp Messenger v2.24.8.4 Apk (official)

WhatsApp Messenger, or WhatsApp for short, is a cross-platform encrypted instant messaging application for smartphones owned by Meta Corporation. The software makes voice and video calls over the Internet, and sends SMS, document files, PDF files, pictures, videos, music, contact information, user location and recordings to other users using standard mobile network phone numbers.

MarkRead function

WhatsApp shows the user's last time of use (last online, visible by default to all, iOS and Android versions can set its visibility) and whether the user is "online," with a checkmark next to the message if it has been successfully sent to the server. If the other party's device has successfully received the user's message, two checkmarks will be displayed next to the message, but this does not mean that the other party has read the message, showing two blue checkmarks means that the other party has read the message.

Disposable photograph

When users want to send more sensitive photos, they can use WhatsApp's one-time messaging feature, which only allows the other person to view it once after opening, and the content is immediately deleted without leaving a record. However, the other party can still use the screenshot function to keep the photo. However, Whatsapp will add a feature that disables one-time screenshots of messages to protect user privacy.

Voting function

The voting function supports groups and individual conversations. When setting up a poll, users can create up to 12 options. When voting, users are free to choose the number of votes, can choose from 1 to 12 options, and can change the choice before the end of the voting.

"Mood response" function

You can use emojis to express your feelings about messages in individual or group conversations. Tap the mood response emoji below the message to view all mood responses.

Personal profile picture, status

WhatsApp lets everyone see a user's profile picture by default, and the latest version lets users set its visibility.

Group chat room

By default, WhatsApp lets anyone add other users to the group chat rooms they manage. Now only administrators will be notified when you leave the group. Group administrators can now delete other people's messages. All participants can see who deleted it.

Voice call

Voice calls allows users around the world directly through the App, using 3G, 4G networks or Wi-Fi connections to make calls, users only need to use 3G, 4G network data usage, and do not have to pay phone charges.

Video call

Video calling allows users to make calls using 3G, 4G networks or via Wi-Fi connections, and users only need to use the data usage of 3G and 4G networks without paying a phone charge. And launched group video call in 2018, 2020 to support 8 people group video call conference.

QR Code Add a contact

Adding a Whatsapp friend will no longer require you to add a phone number to your contact list, you can add a contact via Whatsapp's QR Code.

"Community" function

WhatsApp has officially launched a new "Communities" that allows users to link different groups together, providing a unified channel for homes, schools, volunteer groups, corporate groups and more.

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