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Ultimate Custom Night
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Oct 30, 2023
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Clickteam USA LLC
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1.Free to play 2.Unlock all 3.No ads
Ultimate Custom Night v1.0.6 Mod Apk (Free download)

Ultimate Custom Night is a first-person horror game in which you sit in your office and watch what's going on around you, trying to survive the pursuit of various terrible enemies. In order to improve the game experience for players, we have released a modified version of the Ultimate Custom Night module, including the following:

1.Free to play

2.Unlock all

3.No ads

Players familiar with 5 nights at Freddy's will love this game, because Ultimate Custom Night is the ultimate collection of 5 nights at Freddy's, and you have the freedom to choose which characters will appear in the night, of course, This also means that the game will be more difficult than 5 nights at Freddy's, are you ready to die?

A thrilling game

In Ultimate Custom Night, you will sit in your office, anxiously waiting for Freddy and his companions to appear, and you will need to pay attention to the location of the scary killing dolls and react accordingly when they are about to appear. Such as closing the door they are about to enter, putting on a camouflage mask and so on. Remember that every killer doll has a countermeasure, and you must use the right countermeasure to survive their attack!

You may ask, why not keep the door closed at all times? That's because every strategy in the game consumes power in your office, as well as your fans and lighting, and you only have a limited amount of power. That means you can't keep your door closed, or your battery will soon run out and you won't be able to survive the rest of the night.

Stay focused. Be careful with your surveillance

In the game, you can only sit in your office, but the killing doll is wandering in the other adjacent rooms. The only way you can keep an eye on these rooms is to check the room's surveillance cameras, which you can use to determine which murder dolls are still sitting quietly in their display cases and which ones will be out wandering tonight. You can also check the location of wandering murder dolls and prepare in advance. But remember, you can't check the monitor all the time, because it will consume power, and you won't be able to see the danger in front of you.

Oh No! Game over!

If you run out of power before the end of the night, or fail to respond correctly when the killer doll attacks, your game is over. Scary murder dolls will appear in front of you, be careful not to drop your phone on the floor!

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