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Toca Life: Vacation
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Aug 16, 2023
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Toca Life: Vacation v1.5.1-play Mod Apk (play for free)

Toca Life: Vacation is the latest in the Toca series, in which you will run a beautiful resort, including an airport, hotel, beach, town, island and other attractions. To enhance the gaming experience for players, we have launched a modified version of Toca Life: Vacation, which includes:

1.Play for free

2.No ads

3.Unlock all

What is Toca Life: Vacation

In Toca Life: Vacation, you will become the manager of the resort, managing the entire resort, you can decorate and manage each location as you want, including the airport, hotel, beach, town, island and other attractions. Each attraction is unique and awaits your arrival.

The place of starting: The airport

The most important mode of transportation in your resort is by plane at the airport, where you will find security checkpoints equipped with X-ray machines and carousels for carrying luggage. Every passenger will undergo security check here, pay attention to your body do not carry contraband oh!

The place of rest: the hotel

Just across the road you will reach the hotel of the resort, in this 4-storey hotel, each floor has a unique decoration, you are sure to find the right accommodation for you! On the first floor of the hotel is the shop, where you can buy all kinds of necessities for life, as well as souvenirs.

The places of entertainment: the village

Next to the hotel is the village of the resort, where there are many play facilities, perfect for taking photos, and there are also many restaurants and shops to meet your various shopping and food needs.

The places of relax: The beach

At the rear of the hotel is the beach of the resort, where you can leisurely experience sunbathing, you can also eat ice cream, play water guns, enjoy the seaside scenery and sunset

The places of adventure: The island

The island is the most unique place in the whole resort, where you can freely have adventures, there are caves on the island, guess what treasures are in the caves!

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