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Aha World: Create Stories
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Mar 25, 2024
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Aha World: Create Stories v2.20.0 Apk (Official)

Aha World is an educational, casual simulation game with simple and cute drawing style and vivid and interesting characters. The game allows players to build their own world step by step and create a variety of interesting stories in this world.

Build the World From Scratch

Unlike other casual simulation games of its kind, Aha world doesn't start with a fully functional city, but gives you a huge open space, allowing you to build your world from scratch, and you can plan residential, commercial, and other areas as your interest or you see fit and decorate them with a variety of decorations.

Renovate Your House

After you plan the whole city according to your own mind, now you can decorate each house in it! Each house has its own room type, can meet your different needs, whether it is a warm cottage, or a busy shopping mall, you can build with your own ideas.

Create Your Character

Now, it's time for the residents to move into their new homes! Through the game's extensive character creation system, you can create a variety of characters from babies to elderly people, dress them with various clothes and give them the voice you like. The game has a variety of imaginative costumes that allow you to dress up as many characters and personalities as you want.

Start Your Story

All set! It's time to direct your story! You can control how the character interacts with the scene, like having them sit on the couch or lie in bed, and you can have them do all kinds of movements and expressions, from a simple hello to a trendy dance. Through these functions, you can complete an interesting story, the only limit you, is your imagination!

Teach and Play at Same Time

As an edutainment game, Aha world has several advantages. It can help children learn important skills such as planning their lives and understanding their surroundings. It can also help a child develop an interest in a particular subject or topic. In addition, edutainment games can be used to reinforce what is learned in class, providing an engaging and interactive way to review material. Finally, edutainment games can be used to help children develop mental abilities such as persistence and observation.

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