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Avatar World Games for Kids
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Mar 29, 2024
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Pazu Games
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Some low system models may not be able to enter the game, players who cannot be installed the game normally, recommend to download "Avatar Maker Dress up for kids"
Avatar World Games for Kids v1.78 Apk (Unlock all)

World of Avatar is a cute, easy casual role-playing game suitable for all ages. In order to enhance your play experience, we have released a modified version of the module, including:

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2. Unlock all content

You will play as a cute, custom character to explore and experience a vast and interesting world filled with incredible locations including various towns and cities, and interact with a huge amount of objects and characters in them.

Free Character Customization System

Customize your avatar and create your dream home in the bustling city. With a free and content-rich customization system, you can create your avatars with unique looks, clothing, hairstyles, and accessories. Imagine you could even bring your family, friends and teachers into avatars as characters and let them play with you.

Large and Detailed Scene Customization

In the game, you can design and decorate various scenes of your own, build a sweet home for your avatar, and then add a gym, a kitchen or other rooms you want, or you want to do some business? Open a cafe in town? A shop? A restaurant! If you want to, the game has a huge amount of items and meticulous decoration system to satisfy you!

An Engaging Exploration System

Explore avatar's cities, embark on epic missions, and explore the vast and immersive world with your friends and family. Experience the compelling story and challenging missions in the game. Discover hidden treasures, encounter mysterious creatures, unlock new abilities, and adventure. In Avatar world , your gaming is endless.

Create Your Own Comic

Do you like comics? Did you ever think that one day you'd be able to create your own comics? And you can even share your comics with others? Through the game's powerful customization system, you can create your own unique characters and scenes to suit your needs, and on top of that, you can create your own plot and entire comics by using comic layout, adding dialog boxes and emojis! Even better, the game allows you to share your comics so that everyone can enjoy your work!

Of Course! There Must Have Pets!

How could we not have our favorite pets in a game that has so cute content? You can get a variety of cute pets in a variety of ways, and you can place them in the various scenarios you want, or have them accompany you on various adventures! Who can say no to a cute cat or rabbit?

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