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Toca Life: Neighborhood
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Oct 21, 2023
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Toca Life: Neighborhood v1.4-play Mod Apk (Full content)

Toca Life: Neighborhood is the latest installment in the Toca series, in which players manage a neighborhood that includes an apartment building, a store, and a dessert shop. To enhance the player experience, we have released a modified version of the Toca Life: Neighborhood module, which includes:

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What is Toca Life: Neighborhood

In Toca Life: Neighborhood, you will become the caretaker of a block, and you will be free to renovate the block as you wish. On your block, there is a two-story apartment building, a furniture store, and a specialty dessert shop waiting for you to design.

First floor of the apartment: Good Friends House and Blue Room

There are two households on the first floor of the apartment building. The one on the left is the Good Friends House. There are several good friends who are very close to each other. Across from them is the blue room. This is a decorated style of the whole blue room, very warm.

Second floor of the apartment: Home of cleanliness freak and Space house

On the second floor of the apartment building there are two very interesting residents. On the left is the home of Mr. Neat Freak. You will find that everything in his home is white, and he himself is trying to keep his home clean. On the right is the home of a young girl who loves outer space and aliens, and you can see that her desk is in the shape of an alien.

HUS Furniture store

On the edge of the apartment building is the HUS Furniture store, where your residents can buy all kinds of furniture, including a lot of cute throw pillows! There's enough to make the whole block have a pillow fight. There is also a fun photo booth in the furniture store where you can take pictures of your residents.

Robot dessert shop

At the end of the block is the coolest and most interesting robot dessert shop, where all the staff are robots, including the cooks and waiters! All kinds of delicious desserts will be delivered from the kitchen through the conveyor belt, you just need to sit at the bar and wait for the dessert you like to arrive.

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