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Toca Life: Hospital
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Oct 20, 2023
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Toca Life: Hospital v1.5-play Mod Apk (Unlocked all)

Toca Life: Hospital is a very interesting part of the Toca Life series, in the game, you will run a 5 story high hospital. In order to improve the player's playing experience, we have launched a revised version of the Toca Life: Hospital module, including the following features:

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What is Toca Life: Hospital

In Toka Living Hospital, you will become the director of a hospital and carefully design every floor of the hospital, from the ambulance parking lot on the ground floor to the wards on the top floor, each floor can be designed and adjusted according to your ideas. After completing your design, you can arrange patients and medical staff for each floor, and best of all, you can design the clothes of each of them!

Basement level ambulance parking

The ambulance parking lot is a very important part of the hospital, which is responsible for the maintenance of ambulances. When someone needs help, an ambulance will depart from here and bring the patient back, where the medical staff will be ready to transport the patient to the treatment center on the upper floor.

Ground floor waiting hall

When you walk into the hospital, the first thing you will see is the waiting hall, where patients and their families line up to be examined by doctors, while there are also supermarkets and rest areas to meet the needs of medical staff and patients and their families.

First floor treatment center

The treatment center is the heart of a hospital, operating room, examination department, consultation room and other functional areas are on this floor. It is also the busiest area with the most of people, and the most reasonable and effective design must be made here.

Second floor pediatrics and obstetrics

The pediatric department is the most childlike part of the whole hospital, all the wards are designed to be suitable for children, and there are amusement parks for children to play. On the other side of the department of Pediatrics is the Obstetrics Department, where mothers give birth to lovely babies and are cared for.

Third floor inpatient unit

The inpatient unit is where most patients live in the hospital, except for pregnant women and children. Please keep quiet here! Because patients need to rest, doctors and nurses are careful to take care of patients in need.

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