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Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant
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Nov 15, 2023
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Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant v2.4-play Mod Apk (Unlock all content )

Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant is a unique cooking game in which players become a master of Japanese cuisine and select ingredients to make a variety of delicious sushi. In order to enhance the game experience for players, we have released a modified version of the Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant module, including:

1. Play the game for free

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Select ingredients

In the game, players can choose from a variety of ingredients commonly used in Japanese cuisine, including various meats, seafood, vegetables, and fruits. All the ingredients are placed in an interesting cylindrical storage cabinet, which you can drag to see the different ingredients.

Handle your ingredients

When you have finished the selection of ingredients, you can work on various ingredients in the kitchen. You can use a blender to crush the ingredients, you can use a knife to cut the ingredients into the shape you want, or you can use a pot to do the necessary cooking, and finally use a bamboo mat to make sushi.

Chop your ingredients

The biggest feature of Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant compared to other cooking games is that you can chop your ingredients at will, whether it is simple slicing or cutting into small cubes, all operations are done by you.

Make authentic sushi

After you have completed the necessary processing of the ingredients, the next step is the most important one; roll the sushi, in the game you can freely add a variety of ingredients to the sushi, you can also choose to wrap the sushi with nori or rice or use them both.

Serve the food

After rolling the sushi, you need to cut the sushi, and then you can arrange the plate, you can freely place according to your ideas, you can also place various small decorations to decorate your sushi, such as fans, paper umbrellas and so on. Finally, you can hand your sushi to your customers and watch them rave about your cooking, just like a real Japanese.

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