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Princess Town: Doll Girl Games
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Sep 16, 2023
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Princess Town: Doll Girl Games v1.4 Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

Welcome to this exciting role-playing game where you will enter a resort full of wonder and surprises! You will first come to a mysterious vampire hotel and meet 12 long-awaited royal NPC members and 4 elves. They all have their own personalities and preferences, what kind of story will happen between you and them? Explore by creating a variety of new characters using the Character Creator! We believe that every room in the resort will bring you unique surprises.

Customize your princess

The game provides a variety of costumes and accessories to dress up your princess. Dress up your princess in a variety of styles! From dark Goth to gorgeous Rococo!

Explore vast and fantastical maps

Character Creator: You can create unique characters to form the basis for your own adventures.

Six scenes: resort (vampire hotel lobby, luxury suite), ice castle, pool party, beach and island, beauty salon

Vampire Hotel: You will stay in a hotel that exudes old-fashioned charm, and start a different vacation.

Ice Castle: Choose your favorite skating outfit and dance on the ice.

Pool Party: Jump, dance, enjoy the music and have fun with friends.

Beauty Salon: massages, facials, fragrance design, full of vigor and relaxation.

Seaside Beach: Enjoy the pleasure of lapping waves while soaking up the sun.

How to play

Customization: You can decorate and customize your character, creating and unfolding your own story.

Unleash your creativity: All characters and items are interactive, allowing you to create your own unique world.

This will be an excellent experience that sparks imagination. There are no rules or scores. The development of every story is up to you!

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