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Only Up
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Aug 22, 2023
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Unlimited jump
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1. Play the game for free 2. No ads 3. Unlimited jump
Only Up v1.0.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited jump)

Only Up Mobile is a fun third-person action game in which the player's only goal is to keep trying to climb a weird path. In order to enhance the gaming experience for players, we have launched a modified version of the Only Up Mobile module, including:

1. Play the game for free

2. No ads

3. Unlimited jump

Game play

The gameplay of the game is very simple, just like the name, only to keep climbing up. The player controls the movements and jumps of the character, trying to navigate a field of random objects, finding his way up and over obstacles until the final destination.

Simple but difficult operation

The game control is very simple, the player only needs to use the left hand to control the direction of the character's movement, the right hand click to jump. But at the same time, the game's operation is very difficult. Because the game has a variety of difficult terrain, the player needs to make extremely precise movements and jumps to get through. The player must be familiar with the operation of the game and the jump height of the character in order to pass.

A cruel game

Only Up is a very cruel game, although there is no concept of death in the game, but the player will fall to the ground as long as the operation of the error, start from scratch. The game doesn't have any checkpoint mechanics, and any failure will result in you having to complete the entire path again.

Keep trying

The mechanics of the game are brutal, but it's also what keeps the player motivated to challenge. You will reap more joy when you start again and work to overcome the obstacles that once held you back. When you finally finish the whole game and stand at the top, it's a unique experience!

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