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The supreme duel match man
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Mar 26, 2024
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Neron's Brother
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1. Play the game for free 2. Unlock all weapons and skins
The supreme duel match man v3.5.4 Mod Apk (Unlocked all)

The supreme duel match man is a third-person side-scrolling action game in which you duel with other players and computer players. In order to improve The gaming experience for players, we have released a modified version of The supreme duel match man module, including:

1. Play the game for free

2. Unlock all weapons and skins

In The supreme duel match man, players compete in a fair duel with other players or computer players. You will be free to choose your weapons and battle field, and win by attacking with weapons or letting each other drop out. As the number of battles increases, the player's level will increase and more battle modes will be unlocked.

Set up a duel freely

In the game, players are free to set up a duel, you are free to set the number of players, the control of each player (the game supports multiplayer on the same device) each character's color, skin, and weapons, and set the field of battle. Every battle will be yours to decide!

Plenty of weapons to choose from

There are a large number of weapons to choose from in the game, from regular swords, axes, hammers to high-tech guns, bazookas, sniper rifles, and even superhero weapons, each with unique attack effects, advantages and disadvantages that you must choose according to your fighting style.

Experience fun duels

The game's duel is very simple and interesting, the player only needs to control the direction of movement of the character, the direction of the weapon will be determined by the direction of your movement. In a duel, you can defeat an enemy by hitting his torso with a weapon to reduce his health to zero, or by sending him off the map to defeat him directly.

Create your own unique map

There are plenty of interesting maps to work with, but at the same time, the game also allows players to create their own maps. The game has its own map editor, which allows you to easily create your own unique map. You can fight computer players on the map, or let your friends play together.

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