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My PlayHome School
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Mar 26, 2024
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My PlayHome School v2.3.0.47 Mod Apk (All content for free)

My PlayHome School is a new entry in the My PlayHome series, in which you visit a school that you can use as a stage for storytelling. In order to improve the player experience, we have released a modified version of the My PlayHome School module, including the following features:

1. Unlock all content

2. No ads

School gate

Today is the first day of school, the children have to go to school, some parents also followed the children came to the school gate, remember to say hello to the teacher at the door.

School playground

There are many children playing in the school playground, you can see there are seesaws, slides, and basketball racks, both boys and girls like to play here.

Consultation center

If you are coming to the school for the first time, you should not miss the Information Center, where you can ask any questions related to the school, including the location of the various venues, and the daily school precautions.

Principal's office

This may be a place that many children do not like or even fear, but you do not have to worry here, our principal is a very friendly person, no matter what you need help, you can go to her for help.


As a place where students have their daily lessons, the school classroom is always filled with the voices of children, and the teachers in the classroom want to teach the children all kinds of content.

Mess hall

After a day of class must be hungry, then come to the canteen to eat! A variety of delicious meals are prepared here every day, there is always something to suit your taste!

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