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Miga Town My Store
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Aug 22, 2023
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The Full Content
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XiHe Digital (GuangZhou) Technology Co., Ltd.
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1.Play for free 2.No ads 3.Unlock all
Miga Town My Store v1.7 Mod Apk (The Full Content)

Miga Town My Store is the latest installment in the Miga series, in which players manage a busy commercial street that includes various shops and an apartment building. In order to enhance the gaming experience for players, we have launched a modified version of Miga Town My Store, including:

1.Play for free

2.No ads

3.Unlock all

What is Miga Town My Store

In Miga Town My Store, you will become the manager of the commercial street, managing the entire commercial street, you can decorate and manage every location according to your ideas, including clothing stores, convenience stores, barber shops and other different stores. Each store is unique, waiting for your arrival.

"Glass Slipper" shoe and hat shop

In the "glass shoes" shoe and hat shop, you can buy a variety of shoes and hats, whether it is sporty style or elegant style here is available, and here is also selling a variety of novel and good-looking sunglasses, so that you can protect yourself in the hot summer.

The Mermaid Clothing Store

"Mermaid" clothing store because of the huge mermaid statue in the store is very famous, in the store you can buy all kinds of clothing, not only women, but also men's and children's clothing, everyone can see their favorite clothes in "mermaid" clothing store.

Blackbeard barber shop

"Blackbeard" barber shop is named after the owner's thick black beard, in his barber shop, you are free to choose your hair, and most importantly - beard. Everyone can get a satisfactory haircut in his shop.

Commercial street apartment

As the only apartment in the commercial street, the Commercial Street apartment has the most luxurious and exquisite decoration, you can see that every room in the apartment is unique and has the atmosphere of life.

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