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Metal Slug: Awakening
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Sep 4, 2023
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Metal Slug: Awakening v1.1.0 Apk (Official)

Metal Slug: Awakening officially launched with a brand new horizontal screen action shooter gameplay developed and officially licensed by SNK.

High quality game with a classic feel

Classic levels like Pyramids, Deserts, Mines are recreated and keep the original version of the arcade version! The image and design have been improved to high quality but still have a classic feel, providing an attractive and eye-catching experience. The game has now been upgraded, adding a collection of countless weapons, expanding many maps, diverse missions, unique military vehicles, providing a fun experience when participating in a thrilling and exciting battlefield.

In addition to keeping the classic gameplay, Metal Slug: Awakening also adds rich game modes such as World Exploration, Team 3 and Roguelike. Now, the Commander can challenge the powerful Boss with friends anytime, anywhere!

Break variety of maps your with skill

Various and unique levels, sweep and conquer them to the end! Golden Sand Mines, Secret Labs, Mysterious Lava Areas, Southern Jungles, Eastern Cities… There are so many new-style maps for the Commander to explore!

Unique vehicle and Flexible attack

In Metal Slug, the Commander can parachute and attack in the air, has a drill that digs deep into the ground, a powerful fire-breathing camel… A variety of vehicles for the Commander to choose from, each with superior skills! Fly high into the sky, dive deep into the ground, attack flexibly! This time, will you continue to take advantage of the vehicle's unique combat ability to take down powerful Bosses?

Full firepower and sweep the enemy

Special skills for each character, a variety of special weapons, level up and fight the Boss... Bullets fly! Familiar characters and vehicles in Metal Slug also appear such as Ammunition H, Ammunition L, Ammunition I... Choose the right weapon for the Commander! Still not satisfied? Commanders can try out flamethrowers, ice blasters and boxing guns... Wipe out all enemies, increase firepower!

Find Special mystery

Rescue prisoners to get secret items, touch the magic lamp to pick up treasure, turn Marco into a flexible fat guy... Pay attention as you progress through the levels, each character has its own animation, and many hidden details are full of surprises! These exciting mysteries, inspired by the classic arcade game, will provide the Commander with an experience full of surprises and endless fun during the Metal Slug: Awakening experience!

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