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Long Drive Road Trip Sim Games
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Sep 23, 2023
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EonSpark Studios
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Long Drive Road Trip Sim Games v1.3 Apk (Official)

The long road trip games are all about survival and adventure. Plan a road trip, enjoy your dream car in a junkyard and leave for the long drive. Hunt animals in offroad outlaws of hot desert junkyards. Prepare yourself for a long journey, car driving simulator game starts with your car in the garage, you take your car and repair and restore the car.

Face different realistic environments

hot desert environment and mountain environment driving. Drive carefully to avoid road accidents otherwise, you will be eaten by hungry wild animals in deadly desserts. You will have to do tasks in between your journey and if you are hungry you can hunt for food. Whenever you pass by the gas station in the junkyard, always fill up your fuel tank to the maximum.

Keep your car wheels moving

Long drive journey has car mechanic junkyard simulator task too as you have to repair your car in junkyard. Keep your car wheels moving in mechanic games for mountain driving and mud runners. Maintain your car engine, manage optimum gasoline, check coolant and take responsibility for car care as a car driver simulator.

What you need to do in Long Road Trip Car Drive

Change Car tire and restore car. Car servicing, car mechanical missions. Animal hunting & survival challenges. Fill fuel tank from the gas station junkyard. Car drifting on multiple off road terrains. Cook Food and do Camping.

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