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Labo Tank-Armored Car & Truck
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Oct 8, 2023
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Labo Tank-Armored Car & Truck v1.0.337 Mod Apk (No ads)

Labo Tank is a remarkable game that offers children the chance to explore creativity and stimulate their imagination.With a unique combination of tank building, driving, and racing, this app provides an exciting virtual sandbox where children can freely build and play with brick tanks.


In Labo Tank, kids can build an endless variety of pocket tanks, military vehicles, cars, and trucks by assembling colorful brick pieces like a puzzle.They can choose from classical templates or design entirely new creations using a variety of brick styles and tank parts, fostering innovation and problem-solving skills.Moreover, they can take their tank creations into levels of play, engaging in tank games, and defending their town against monsters.

Labo Tank is a fun-filled game that fosters creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking, making it an ultimate gaming experience for kids.

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1.Labo Tank offers two design modes: template mode and free mode, giving children the freedom to design and create their own tanks.

2.It includes more than 50 classical tank star templates in template mode, such as King Tiger Tank, T-34 Tank, KV2 Tank, Sherman Tank, Panther Tank, Mouse Tank, Cromwell Tank, No. 4 Tank, Pershing Tank.

3.It offers various brick styles, tank parts with 10 colors, and classical tank wheels, gun barrel, and a large number of stickers.

4.It has amazing levels that are built-in with a variety of mini-games.

5.Children can share their tanks with other players and browse or download tanks created by others online.

Labo Tank-Armored Car & Truck ScreenShot - APKIKI.COM


It is a fantastic digital tank game that offers a fun and interactive tank simulator experience for kids.With this app,kids can freely build and design their own pocket tanks,armored cars,and steel vehicles using templates,while also being able to drive tanks on roads and play exciting games.The game offers the opportunity to be a hero and protect cities,towns,and hills by defeating monsters. It's a perfect game for both boys and girls over 5 years old,and also serves as an excellent preschool game that fosters creativity,problem-solving skills,and strategic thinking.

Labo Tank-Armored Car & Truck ScreenShot - APKIKI.COM

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