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Human Fall Flat
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Nov 1, 2023
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Human Fall Flat v1.14 Mod Apk (Unlock full version)

Human:Fall Flat is a fun and light physics simulation third person puzzle exploration game; The game we provide a mod version.

Human:Fall Flat now has a mobile version! Now you can play on your phone with your friends and fall flat together! Human:Fall Flat is a fun and light-hearted sandbox game with a very interesting physics interaction system. You can play alone or with up to other 3 players together. Each level offers new environments and new puzzles, from cities and castles to snowy mountains and industrial areas. Each level has multiple paths and multiple ways to decrypt it, and it will have a very different feeling when playing solo and multiplayer.

Customize your character

In Human:Fall Flat, your default appearance is a pure white figure, but you can customize your appearance with various colors to smear on your figure, or import various models to make your image more unique and easier for your friends to recognize!

Find the most creative way to get through

There are no standard answers in Human:Fall Flat, there is real physics in the game, which means you can get through it in a variety of ways, when you face a door, you can simply open it with your hand, you can smash it open with a rock on the side, or you can ignore the door and climb over the side wall to get around it. This is the Human:Fall Flat, a truly free game!

The best party game

The game supports up to 4 player to play together, and you can call your friends to finish the level together. The most interesting moments of the game are when you and your friends are trying to trap each other. You can throw your friend high into a trap, or pull away a ladder your friend climbing, and you don't have to worry that these actions will cause the game over, because there is no real failure in Human:Fall Flat.

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