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Aug 16, 2023
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Cuphead v1.0 Mod Apk (HP does not decrease)

Cuphead is a third-person horizontal jumping action game. In the game, players will play as Cuphead, in order to pay off the debt to the devil, adventure around to defeat various enemies. To enhance players' gaming experience, we have released a modified version of the Teacup Head module, including:

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Inspired by the animation of the 1930s, Cuphead strives to reproduce the technology of the time in both visuals and sound, such as traditional hand-drawn celluloid animation, watercolor backgrounds, and acoustic jazz recordings. Exaggerated and interesting character movements, exquisite hand-painted pictures, let people play as if watching an old cartoon.

The story of Cuphead

Two brothers, Teacup Head and Mug head. Living under the care of the wise kettle, the three of them live a carefree life.

One day, the two brothers wandered far from home. Despite the kettle's exhorts, they still come to the devil's casino. Once inside, Cuphead and Mug Man quickly found form at the gambling table, winning consecutive games. At this point, the owner of the casino, the Devil, appears and offers a huge wager - their souls. Cuphead, blinded by the dream of riches, agreed without hesitation. Although Mug Head senses the danger, it is already too late, and Cuphead is already in debt. In the presence of the two brothers, who were constantly begging for mercy, the devil offered them to collect the souls of those who owed him money, and ordered them to collect them all before midnight the next day, or else they would take their souls away. In order to pay off their debt to the devil, Cuphead and Mug Head embark on adventures.

Game play

Cuphead is a horizontal version of the game, the protagonist of the initial health of Cuphead is 3, once hit by enemy attacks, the protagonist will be deducted 1 health, if the health is 0, the game will end. When the jump key is pressed in the air to block, it can fill the must-kill measure bar. There are 5 must-kill skill bars, players can consume 1 must-kill skill bar in the battle to launch a powerful attack, so as to cause heavy damage to the enemy. In addition, players can change the main character's weapons, kill skills, charms in the equipment card. Weapons and amulets need to be purchased in stores on the map, with 6 types of each. The magic must be obtained in the tomb to help the legendary Grail, a total of 3 kinds.

Explore the map

In the game, the player can freely explore the map. The second day is divided into three sections, with the player having to pass all the levels of the previous island before moving on to the next. Each island has a store, two regular levels, and several Boss levels. In the normal level, the player can earn 5 gold coins while exploring. Players can also gain useful information by talking to NPC.

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