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Angry King: Scary Pranks
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Aug 23, 2023
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Keplerians Horror Games
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1. Be invincible 2. No ads 3. Buy for free 4. Speed up the game
Angry King: Scary Pranks v1.0.3 Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

Angry King: Scary Pranks is a fun first-person action game where you become a rogue, infiltrate the king's palace and play all kinds of fun pranks on the king. In order to make the game a better experience for players, we have released a modified version of the Angry King: Scary Pranks module, including:

1. Be invincible

2. No ads

3. Buy for free

4. Speed up the game

Game's background

There was once an evil king whose greatest hobby was to punish those who dared to oppose him, until he became more and more evil and decided to shut himself up in a fortified castle. Later, a master prankster, also known as the player, decides to infiltrate the king's castle and teach him a good lesson by playing a prank.

Find your way through labyrinth-like castle

Players will infiltrate the king's labyrinth-like castle and try their best to reach the location of the prank. Players need to find keys to open doors, climb hidden ladders, and walk through various unfamiliar rooms.

Bypass the king's guards

The evil king has placed a large number of guards in his labyrinth-like castle, and the player cannot be discovered by the guards, otherwise the prank is likely to fail. Players need to squat low and slow their steps so that the guards are not aware of their presence. Some guards may fall asleep at their posts, but more guards will stand guard and patrol, so be careful!

Enjoy the king's ugliness

When you have successfully completed your prank, you just need to wait for the king to fall into your trap and show his ugly behavior. Watching him make a fool of himself in public has to be a lot of fun.

Play a variety of interesting levels

There are a total of 13 levels in the game, each level players will play different pranks on the king, of course, with the progress of the level, the king will be more vigilant, difficult will be greater, but the king will be more interesting!

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