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Zombie Master
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Sep 28, 2023
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Ararat Games
Zombie Master v0.45 Apk

Can you survive in the zombie world?Then grab your weapons and fight off the waves of the dead!

Learn to protect yourself

Zombie Master: Survival Game is a game in which you have to survive no matter what.An army of zombies will chase you and try to eat you.To protect yourself from the living dead, you need to learn how to shoot from different types of weapons, aim accurately, and dodge attacks.

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Using all kinds of weapon

Grab a dead target and shoot as accurately as you can!Each weapon has a certain amount of ammo, you have to watch them and not waste them.Machine guns, pistols, a shotgun, a crossbow and even a bat, all this is at your disposal.You will also have grenades to destroy zombies even more effectively.To survive you have to face different types of zombies and drive them back underground!

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Become a real zombie hunter

Shoot at the legs, arms, and head. Try to stop the dead by any means and weapons.Slow down and blast the zombies before they eat you.Find ways to get out of different locations to survive and become a real zombie hunter!

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Game Features

- Beautiful 3D graphics

- Simple and clear control

- Large selection of weapons

- Various types of zombies

- Exciting battles

Zombie Master: Survival Game is a real zombie apocalypse in which you cannot rely on luck! Only shooting skills, weapon skills, and ingenuity will help you survive in a world captured by the dead!

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