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Usagi Shima: Cute Idle Bunnies
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Mar 20, 2024
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Unlimited Money
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Unlimited Money
Usagi Shima: Cute Idle Bunnies v1.2.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Usagi Shima is a relaxing, idle bunny collecting game. You've been tasked as caretaker of an abandoned island — as you decorate it over time, curious (but adorable!) bunnies start to appear

Entice cute bunny tourists to pay your island a visit

Decorate and personalize your own island with all sorts of toys, plants, and buildings, entice cute bunny tourists to pay your island a visit Relax and enjoy the calm and cozy island ambience, synced to your time of day. Pet and make friends with all sorts of cute, lovable bunnies that visit based on how you’ve decorated and arranged the island. You can dress them up with all sorts of adorable hats too! They may even give you a special gift if you become best friends with them! And when the conditions are right, rare and special bunnies may even pay you a visit...

Discover and record 30+ rabbits with unique looks and features!

Dress up your bunnies with adorable hats! Over 100 items to decorate with, some even interactive! Hand-drawn and traditionally animated art style. Pet and engage with a variety of activities with the bunnies to build friendship. Receive keepsakes from bunnies you've become best friends with, and even invite them to stay on your island.

Relax with cute bunny

Synced with real time, experience the island ambience matching your time of day. Healing idle gameplay – no time limits, no stress, enjoy the soothing ambience and play at your own pace! Take a rest and enjoy the relaxing, healing atmosphere as you pet and play with your bunny visitors!

Usagi Shima: Cute Idle Bunnies v1.2.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download
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