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Dec 28, 2023
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Unpacking v1.02 Mod Apk (unlock all content)

Unpacking is a simple and relaxing game, in the game, players will follow the footsteps of life to move to different places, open the boxes brought by the move, and put the items in order.

Experience the surprise of opening a box

In the game, the objects you need to place are placed in boxes, and you don't know what's in them until you take them out. It could be your favorite toy, or it could be a book you're reading.

Plan your room

Your room in the game is not static, you can open the closet, pull out the drawer, these places can put your items, just like in real life. You can put clothes in the closet, put books on the shelf, or put stuffed animals on the bed. Make the whole room warm and beautiful.

Feel the joy of cleanliness

As you arrange items one by one, your room gradually fills up. You can see the whole room getting organized. The books are arranged from high to low on the shelves, and your toys are lined up on the table. This tidiness will bring you joy.

Feel the story behind the object

As the level progresses, so does time in the game. You can see that at the beginning your box was full of toys. Then computers and school supplies began to appear. After that, adult clothes begin to appear in the wardrobe, proving that the main character is growing up. In this way, the player feels the growth and change of the game protagonist with the placement of items.

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