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Who's Your Daddy?!
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Nov 1, 2023
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Who's Your Daddy?! v1.0.0 Mod Apk (unlock full version)
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Welcome to Who's Your Daddy MOD APK?!, the ultimate game of parenting! In this game, you take on the role of a father trying to protect his infant son from various household hazards. You must use your wits and reflexes to keep your son safe from the dangers of the house. You must also use your parenting skills to teach your son how to stay safe. The game is fast-paced and full of surprises, so be prepared for anything! Good luck and have fun!

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Who s your daddy MOD APK game features:

1. The difficulty of the entire game is generally a few simple virtual buttons that you can master quickly;

2. You can also bring your friends to play together, which can bring you a lot of fun and more exciting interactions;

3. If you are interested, join at any time and join in the experience.

4. Brand new physics engine rendering, unique 3D perspective pictures.

5. A physics-based game scene where you can use various items.

6. Super simple operation, allowing you to experience a variety of parent-child interactions.

7. Really simulate daily family environment, and various objects can be moved

Who's Your Daddy?! ScreenShot - APKIKI.COM

Who's Your Daddy mod apk Dangerous Game Scene:

In the game, players can play two roles, namely father and son. When you play the role of father, your task is to prevent your son from dying due to any circumstances; while the task of playing the son is to kill yourself. There are many ways for the son to commit suicide, such as drinking toilet cleaner, swallowing batteries, eating garbage, climbing into the electric stove to steam himself, drowning in the bathtub, putting a metal fork into the socket and getting electrocuted, etc. The father should do everything possible to prevent his son from committing suicide, such as sealing the socket with tape, feeding the child pills, locking the cabinet door with dangerous goods, turning off the electric stove, taking away the dangerous goods from his son, etc. Since it is a 1V1 game, matching is not difficult. Of course, you can also open a room and invite friends to play together, which will be more fun.

In addition to the fixed props, some props will randomly appear at the beginning of each game. For example, PEEK-A-BOO can make dad invisible, and BAT DAD can let dad see through walls. If you find a special clip, you can also see through walls. You can fix your son and wait for the game to end. Of course, these props are not easy to find, and you still need to watch your son during this period to prevent accidents.

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