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Mar 12, 2024
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Unlimited currency
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1. Unlimited Gold (increases when spent) 2. Unlimited Ticket (increases when spent)
Township v17.1.0 Mod Apk (Unlimited currency)

Township is a fun business simulation game in which players take on the role of a farmer who runs a small farm town and produces various agricultural products. In order to enhance the gaming experience for players, we have launched a modified version of the Township module.

In Township, players will enjoy being a farmer, growing a variety of crops on their fields, collecting them, processing them in factories, producing produce and transporting them to those in need. Players will earn money in this way and expand their farms.

Enjoy the pleasures of farming life

In the game players will experience all aspects of farming life. Growing crops, feeding livestock, harvesting, milking, etc., each of these tasks takes time, and players can skip the process by using tickets. But overall, your farm operation in Township, like reality, takes time and patience.

Build your town

In addition to agricultural work in the game, you can also build and expand. You can build working factories to turn your harvest into agricultural products, such as wheat into bread, milk into cheese, and so on. At the same time, you can also build your town, build residents' houses, as well as supporting supermarkets, restaurants, etc., when your land is not enough, you can also open up the surrounding wasteland and forest, continue to expand your town.

Play a variety of mini games

In the game, there are sometimes emergencies that you need to deal with, and the way to deal with them is to play a variety of interesting mini-games, including collecting eggs from the farm and crossing dangerous roads, and distributing various agricultural products to the residents.

Visit your friend's farm

In the game, you can also play with your friends, you can visit their farms, help them collect produce, and see the efforts they put into their farms.

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