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Talking Tom Hero Dash
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Mar 11, 2024
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Unlimited Money
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Outfit7 Limited
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Mod Info
1. Unlimited gold coins 2. Infinity Stones 3. Unlimited tickets
Talking Tom Hero Dash v4.6.0.6062 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Talking Tom Hero Dash is a parkour racing game in which you play as Tom the Cat who can quickly navigate city streets, avoid oncoming obstacles, and catch up with evil villains. To enhance your experience, we've released a modified version of the Talking Tom Hero Dash module that includes:

1. Unlimited gold coins

2. Infinity Stones

3. Unlimited tickets

Simple but fun gameplay

In Talking Tom Hero Dash, the evil bad guys have taken over the city, and Tom Cat will be the hero to chase the bad guys, as the player clicks GO! Tom Cat will start parkour. Your chase route will be displayed on the top half of the screen and divided into three sections: left, middle and right. You will have 4 operating directions: left, right, sliding and jumping. In your parkour journey you will encounter various roadblocks that need to be jumped and skated through, as well as buses and other obstacles that cannot be crossed, and you must maneuver to avoid these obstacles and close the distance with the evil villains. However, remember that the bad guys are constantly running away, and if they make a mistake, the bad guys will escape, and the game is over!

A variety of props

During parkour, you can pick up coins along the way, as well as other useful items, such as suction stones that can suck around coins, sprints that skip a section of the way, and high jumps that increase the height of your jumps. You can also use a leap that allows you to fly through the air for a period of time to cross a large distance and earn gold and points. This allows you to overcome a lot of obstacles while getting all the gold and items on the way, very powerful.

Engage in BOSS battles

In Talking Tom Hero Dash, players will earn gold and diamonds by constantly playing the game, players can use diamonds and coins to clean the city, when the city is completely cleaned, it will trigger a BOSS battle, players will chase the ultimate BOSS and rescue the new character.

Talking Tom Hero Dash v4.6.0.6062 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download
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