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SimCity BuildIt
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Apr 3, 2024
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Unlimited Simcash
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1. Unlimited money 2. Unlimited Keys 3. Unlimited bills
SimCity BuildIt v1.54.2.123092 Mod Apk (Unlimited Simcash)

SimCity BuildIt is a business simulation game in which players can build and manage their own city, and build various real-world wonders in your city. To enhance the gaming experience for players, we've released a modified version of the SimCity BuildIt mod that includes:

1. Unlimited money

2. Unlimited Keys

3. Unlimited bills

Game play

In SimCity BuildIt, players will play the role of mayor, you not only need to plan the construction of the city, but also need to pay attention to the living standards and employment of the city, you need to keep your city can continue to expand to meet the increasing population and development of the economy.

Build your city

As a mayor, your first job is to build your city, choose from a variety of styles of architecture that you like, and plan and build according to its functions and characteristics, remembering that only properly planned houses will be inhabited.

Manage public facilities

As a mayor, building the city is your first job, and city management is the center of the job. In the game, players need to pay attention to the city's water supply, power supply, sewage, as well as public services and other content, which is very testing the player's management ability and adaptability.

Access to various facilities

There are also a variety of facilities available in the game, including the Mayor's Club, campaign headquarters, Vu Fort and other facilities with different functions, from socializing, to maintaining the mayor's position to waging war, waiting for you to explore.

Expand your city

Tired of the same landscape? Has the original city become too crowded? Expand outward, the game provides a variety of different terrain to choose from, have you decided where to build your new city?

SimCity BuildIt v1.54.2.123092 Mod Apk (Unlimited Simcash) Download
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