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SAKURA School Simulator
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Mar 5, 2024
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Props ID Mod inside
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Garusoft Development Inc.
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1.Provide a large number of building gamesave and Props IDs for you to experience, click the playmods floating window to download or copy to experience. 2.Mod Menu (1) Unlock all (2) Increase damage (3) Invincible (4) Unlock all clothes (5) Get 10000 gold (6) Restore hunger (7) Change time and weather
SAKURA School Simulator v1.042.03 Mod Apk (Props ID Mod inside)

SAKURA School Simulator is a fun simulation game in which you take on the role of a Japanese high school student and do whatever you want in the Sakura campus. To enhance players' gaming experience, we have released a modified version of the SAKURA School Simulator, including:

1. Unlock all

2.Increase damage


4. Unlock all clothes

5.Get 10000 gold

6.Restore hunger

7.Change time and weather

SAKURA School Simulator is a third-person sandbox action game in which you can play as a customizable character in a Japanese-style town. You can either go to school like a normal Japanese high school student, visiting friends, playing games, or you can go on a rampage like playing GTA and wreaking havoc with all kinds of weapons.

Create the Japanese High School Student in Your Mind

You can customize your character from the game's main menu, where you can change gender, styling, clothing, and accessories. You can create your Japanese high school students according to your idea! Your character can be a sweet and cute girl or a handsome and charming guy.

Experience the Daily Life In Japanese High School

In SAKURA School Simulator, you can experience authentic Japanese school life, you can go to the school for a variety of classes. You can also skip school to do something you enjoy, such as going to the park to enjoy the facilities or visiting a friend's house. The choice is yours. Also, the in-game transport menu will helps you to save your time by skip unnecessary travel, so you can easily get to any scene you want.

Make Friends and Fall in Love, Like Japanese Anime!

In SAKURA School Simulator, you can interact with every character, you can praise them, give them gifts, makes them like, they will become your friends, even lovers! But at the same time, you can offend them, taunt them, and they will hate you or even attack you, all depends on your actions!

Had Enough with Classes? It's Time to Fight!

When you're tired of taking classes and being a nice guy, it's time to take up arms! Weapons are hidden all over the game, find them, or you can just go bare-knuckle fighting. Use a bazooka on your senpai who rejected you! Don't worry about NPC will be killed, they'll faint with injuries and be back to normal the next day, but they'll remember that you hurt them!

Driving Different Vehicles

SAKURA School Simulator has a huge map. It is too slow to walk on your legs! Fortunately, the game also provides vehicle driving function, you can use parked vehicles or snatch the moving vehicle,. Look! a Japanese high school girl on a motorcycle, cool!

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