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Rent Please!-Landlord Sim
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Mar 11, 2024
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Unlimited money
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1.Unlimited money 2.Unlimited jams 3.Unlimited ADS ticket
Rent Please!-Landlord Sim v1.43.5.2 Mod Apk (Unlimited money)

Landlord Simulator is a fun business simulation game in which players play as a landlord to attract tenants to rent and collect rent. To enhance players' gaming experience, we have released a modified version of the Landlord Simulator module, which includes the following features:

1.Unlimited money

2.Unlimited jams

3.Unlimited ADS ticket

In the landlord simulator, you will experience the fun of being a landlord, you will find ways to attract all kinds of tenants to rent your house, you will become their landlord and their friend. You can interact with tenants and share their lives. When they are in trouble, you can help them, and they will give you more rent and other returns in the future.

Upgrade your house

In the landlord simulator, you need to upgrade your house to attract your customers, or raise your rent, you can equip the house with more amenities, or upgrade the amenities, each upgrade will increase the value of the house. But at the same time, as upgrades continue, the amount of money required for each upgrade continues to increase, so you must consider the timing of the upgrade. Upgrading your home too early may cause your home to have an exorbitant rent, resulting in no one wanting to move in.

Choose your tenant

When you have your home ready, you can start renting it out, and you can advertise in different areas to attract tenants to live in. Different tenants have different occupations and different daily needs, and when you meet their daily needs, you can improve the overall neighborhood harmony. The higher the harmony, the higher your rent will be, and the more items you will unlock.

Pay attention to the tenant's requirements

You can follow the conversations of each tenant to see what they are asking for, as well as to get an idea of their overall satisfaction. According to these, the corresponding facilities are built, such as sports equipment, restaurants, etc.

Rent Please!-Landlord Sim v1.43.5.2 Mod Apk (Unlimited money) Download
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