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Plague Inc
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Feb 18, 2024
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1. Unlock all content 2. Unlimited gene points 3. No ads
Plague Inc v1.19.17 Mod Apk (Unlock all modes)

Plague Inc is a unique business simulation game in which players don't take on the role of any human, but a plague, trying to mutate, infect and kill people all over the world. To enhance the game experience for players, we have released a modified version of the Plague Inc module, which includes:

1. Unlock all content

2. Unlimited gene points

3. No ads

Select a plague type

There are many different kinds of plagues that exist or have existed throughout human history, from the usual bacteria, viruses, fungi, to parasites, prions, noroviruses, and even the dreaded bioweapons. Now you can choose one of these to be your weapon.

Select a Game Difficulty

The game offers three levels of difficulty, ranging from casual difficulty for beginners and players who want to play quickly, to normal difficulty for casual players, to fierce difficulty for challenging players and expert gamers. The human consciousness of protection is different in each difficulty.

Modify Genetic Code

Players have one chance to modify the genetic code of your plague before the game starts. Players can use this modification to create their own unique plague, you can improve the spread of the plague, or make the nature of the plague more stable, or make the plague can get gene points faster.

Start Spreading

When the completion of the genetic code, the player officially entered the game, the player can choose any region of the world to be the birth point of the plague, your plague will begin to spread with the global traffic, just like the real plague, not only will slowly spread, but also will be transported to the world.

Upgrade Your Plague

As the game progresses, players can collect gene points from the world map and use gene points to upgrade your virus, which is divided into three directions: spread, symptoms, and abilities. In general, the easiest route to upgrade is to maximize the spread first, and then worry about symptoms and lethality after the whole world is infected, making your plague an invisible killer.

Counter the Cure Effort Process

However, everything is not always under the player's control, and as with a real plague, as the number of infected people increases, mutations may occur that are completely uncontrolled and could defeat your planned latent spread strategy, such as giving your plague the ability to kill. Soon, humans will discover the plague and start trying to find a cure. At this point, the player must race against time, clicking on the flask on the map to slow down the research speed, while speeding up the destruction of the world's humans.

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